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How It Started
BAM! Just like that, I am 28 and living with my parents again.

I went from a cozy luxury condo in Jersey City NJ back to my tiny bedroom in my parents house in northern NJ. Life gave me some unexpected trials and turns that landed me back where it all started.  

Right out of college, I was fortunate enough to grab a pretty sweet job, Managing all of the NHL's Social Media platforms. As a hockey player since the age of 6, to say I was excited was an understatement. My mother and father always told me to learn as much as I could along the way so that I could apply what I learned to my next step in the journey.

I left the NHL after two years of being at the frontlines of social media for a HUGE brand and decided it was time for the next step. Muscle & Fitness was my next stop.   

I went from just taking care of the Social Media Platforms, to now running a full digital team of writers, Ad specialists, and live reporters to bring the best information to the fitness industry. I went from an in-depth understanding of how to maximize engagement and the best content to use on specific platforms, to now taking over and running email marketing, Paid social media strategies, and writing of article content.   

It was then time to take the next step. I was then hired as a Director of Marketing for Social Media Week. I was running another team, but this time, it was even more responsibility than before. I was now in charge of everything I was doing at Muscle and Fitness, but I had a new challenge. Sales and Direct Email Marketing. I was able to speak with and become friends with the marketing directors of Facebook, Pinterest, Giphy, American Express, Simply Measured, and a slew of other people who were pushing the limits of social media.   

Once again, It was time for the next step. after just under two years with Social Media Week, my career path and journey would take an amazing turn.

Just months later and Smartcut Marketing LLC is off the ground and I am helping businesses drive more revenue than they thought possible through social media and digital marketing. 

There are no shortcuts in marketing. Smartcuts are the fastest way to take your marketing to the next level.

Smartcut Marketing LLC is a boutique agency that walks the fine line between working hard and working smart. We strive to be the most effective and results driven agency for our clients who delivers results fast without all the fluff.

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